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ASSI Dasima (Kelp) 56g
2,15 €
Sung GYung Roasted Rice Roll Laver 21g(10Sht)
2,50 €
Seasoning for Samgyetang (Boiled Chicken Soup)
3,40 €
Sung Gyung Laver Flake 70g
3,74 €
SUNSU Mini Seasoned Sliced Laver 20g
4,00 €
Nori Power 70g
4,30 €
Crispy sea weed(hot chili)
4,50 €
Nori jaban BBQ 50g
4,50 €
Nori ’SP’ Seasoned with Grapeseed Oil
5,00 €
Sea mustard 100g
5,70 €
Nori ’SP’ Seasoned with Grapeseed Oil
6,00 €

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